2016 Apr. Started operations of CAD SOLUTIONS Inc. and sales and support of 2D CAD software "MICRO CADAM" (Ownership 100%).
2015 Dec. Formed a business alliance with MDCGroup, Inc. (Philippines) to support Japanese Companies entering the Philippines market.
  Feb. Raised shareholding in NSS (Thailand) to make NSS and NSV (Hanoi) consolidated subsidiaries (Ownership NSS 70%/NSV 100%).
Formed a business alliance with TechniaTranscat (Germany) to reinforce PLM service for Japanese companies in Europe and to supply products mutually.
2014 Oct. ARGO SYSTEM SUPPORT Inc. and ISS Hokkaido Inc. merged and established AIS Hokkaido Inc.
2013 Jul. Formed a business alliance with NSI (Indonesia) to support Japanese companies entering the Indonesia market.
  Jun. Invested in Techspire Co., LTD to support CAD/CAM software for public sector (Ownership 27%).
2012 Mar. Participated the EV development of the Advanced Development Project's Model No. 3 lead by SIM-Drive Corp.
2011 Mar. Acquired 100% ownership of ISS Hokkaido Inc. (ex-ISID Hokkaido Inc.) for CAE engineering services with ARGO SYSTEM SUPPORT Inc. (Ownership 100%).
Obtained ISO 27001 (ISMS).
2010 Apr. Established Tohoku Office in Sendai, Miyagi.
  Feb. Acquired and merged HIT Inc. (ex-Hakuto Information Technology Co., Ltd.).
2009 Mar. Obtained ISO 9001 (QMS).
  Jan. Invested in NSV (Hanoi) for business alliance to support Japanese Companies entering the Vietnam market.
2008 May. Invested in KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN Co., Ltd. for styling and design.
Business and capital tie-up was formed with SCSK Corp. (ex-Sumisho Computer System Corp.) for business alliance to each other.
2007 Oct. Invested in CLIMB NCD Corp. for Stamping Die Design (Ownership 20%).
  Jul. Established ARGO DNE Technology PTE. LTD. in Singapore jointly with DNE Technology Co.,Ltd. (Shanghai) .
2006 Nov. Invested in Formeware Inc. for marketing and support of 3D CAD system "FRESDAM" as its subsidiary (Ownership 66%).
  Jul. Established HPC Solutions Inc. to penetrate PC Cluster Computing market (Ownership 100%).
2005 Oct. Moved Head Office of ARGO SYSTEM SUPPORT Inc. to Sapporo and established Engineering Center for CAE Engineering Service.
Invested in AISIN INFOTEX CO., LTD. to support IT infrastructure and engineering solution for AISIN SEIKI. CO., LTD. and AISIN Group Companies (Ownership 20%).
  Aug. Established D&A Technology Co., Ltd. for engineering market development in Shanghai, China by jointly investment with DNE Technology Co.,Ltd. (Ownership 49%).
  Mar. Listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  Jan. Invested in PLM JAPAN INC. (Ownership 49%).
2004 Jul. Acquired Digital Engineering Division principally involving "CLIKS" from ARGO 21 Corp. to penetrate into Stamping Die market.
  Feb. Listed on the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Established JEDAT Inc. acquired from SEIKO Instrument Inc. and penetrate into Electric Circuit Design market.
2003 May. Established North Kanto Office in Ota, Gunma.
  Feb. Acquired 100% ownership of Hulinks Inc. to penetrate into science market for public and government R&D center and Universities.
2002 Dec. Acquired 100% ownership of ARGO BUSINESS SERVICE Inc. to penetrate into temporary business staff market.
  Aug. Established Hiroshima Office.
2001 Nov. Invested in Global Vision Technology Inc. (USA) for business alliance.
  Oct. Established ARGO SYSTEM SUPPORT Inc.
2000 May. Established Utsunomiya Office in Tochigi.
1998 Dec. Established Shizuoka Office.
  Nov. Listed on the JASDAQ stock market and increased Capital up to ¥856 million.
1996 Jan. Invested in NSS (Thailand) for business alliance.
1995 Apr. Established ARGO HYTEC Inc.
1993 Feb. Moved Head Office at Nihonbashi-hakozaki, Tokyo with business expansion.
1992 Sep. Added MICRO CADAM-X (MC-X) based UNIX.
  Apr. Started Sales of 3D CAD System - "CATIA" by Dassault Systèmes (France).
  Feb. Introduced "NQS/EXEC" by Sterling Software's Systems (USA) to provide a new solution in the HPC market.
1991 Jan. Established Central Japan Division in Nagoya.
1990 Jun. Started sales of IBM workstation RS/6000.
1988 Apr. Started sales of Graphics Supercomputer "SURGE" OEMed from Stellar Computer Inc. (USA).
1986 Jul. Established West Japan Division in Osaka.
Delivered exclusively 19-inch large screen monitor (AR201/202) for IBM 5550 OEM supplied from Sony Corp.
  May. Started sales of 2D CAD System - IBM MICRO CADAM.
1985 Oct. Started sales of system based Real Time UNIX of MASSCOMP (USA) for engineering workstations.
  Aug. Moved Head Office to Ginza,Tokyo.
  Feb. Started operations at temporarily opened Head Office in Shiba Daimon,Tokyo.
Established with capital of ¥100 million invested by ARGO 21 Corp., Seiko instruments Inc., and Sony Corp.