Business Domain

ARGO GRAPHICS is a technical solutions provider that creates added value for our customers with PLM Solution at the core of the business, reinforced by HPC / Server Solution.

Our Business

ARGO GRAPHICS will analyze the industry situation and share the issues "together with the customer" from the standpoint of "co-creation" with the customer, and prepare a guide towards a solution based on expertise in various solutions provided by ARGO GRAPHICS. ARGO GRAPHICS, together with our customers, will overcome this difficult period by providing "ideas and support to create new value".

PLM Solution

We are in a time in which traditional "mechanical design"-centric solutions are shifting to end-to-end product development solution, covering mechanical design, electrical design and embedded software. By simulating the feasibility of all elements relating to product development and by assembling in a virtual environment, it has become possible to evaluate products at the development and marketing stages.

HPC Solution

For dealing with highly complex technical computing needs, we enable high-speed processing of large-scale technical calculations through system design / construction utilizing "parallelization technology" and "optimization technology." In addition, we provide a job scheduling environment so that each computing job efficiently utilizes CPU and memory.

Server Solution

As the term "cloud computing" becomes widespread, there is increased demand for virtualization and integration of data storage servers.
We provides various solutions to respond to this situation, and a superior infrastructure system that makes full use of state-of-the-art technology.


We offer a broad range of services to support our clients, including consulting for improving operations; system development for process construction; system realization / construction to strengthen infrastructure; and training / operational support after implementation.