Service Highly experienced, expert engineers will provide reliable and professional service.

Highly experienced, expert engineers will provide reliable and professional service.

We offer a broad range of services to support our clients, including consulting for improving operations; system development for process construction; system realization / construction to strengthen infrastructure; and training / operational support after implementation.

Consulting Service

In order to realize effective manufacturing, we provide support that reliably leads to results by utilizing PPSA (Product Process Solution Approach), a method with a proven track record for many clients.

System Construction Support Service

We conduct in-depth interviews to understand our clients' operations in detail, prioritize operations to be improved through systematization, analyze methods for realization, and undertake development steps to support system construction reliably.

Development Support Service

By automating complex work that would be difficult to achieve normally, we reduce the burden on designers, and support application development according to customer specifications to realize quality control and labor reduction.

Training Service

As a "people-making for product-making" solution, we provide face-to-face training, e-learning, skill checking, and other services for personnel training. Also, we develop highly responsive, client-customized curricula and training materials.

PMS【Power Maintenance Service】

Using our unique "Power Maintenance Service" (PMS), we offer help desk support, troubleshooting, and technical information. Also, we provide post-implementation support to assist with clients' concerns, such as consignment services and on-site services, with due care.