Social Responsibility

ARGO GRAPHICS works actively on various social action activities focusing around environment conservation and regional contribution as a responsible corporate citizen.

Sponsorship deal with Tokoro Curling Club

As a part of regional contribution activities, ARGO GRAPHICS has signed a sponsorship deal with Tokoro Curling Club (located in Tokoro town, Kitami city, Hokkaido) to encourage expansion of curling and development of Kitami city.
Mari Motohashi who participated in Torino and Vancouver Olympics is a member of this club, which will lead the Japanese curling in the future.

  • Tokoro Curling Club Official Web Site
  • Loco Solare Official Web Site
Challenge 25 Campaign

As a contribution to the National target led by the Ministry of the Environment of reducing greenhouse gas by 25% relative to 1990 by 2020, ARGO GRAPHICS participates in "Challenge 25 Campaign" and we are acting in the office and at home to reduce the carbon dioxide.

Contribution to Eco Cap Movement

The recycling of pet-bottles is in effect, but the caps of the bottles are normally disposed of as garbage. ARGO GRAPHICS, as the contribution to the "Eco Cap Movement", we collect all the consumed caps in the company and send them to the NPO, and those caps are finally sold to recycling companies.
Through this activity, the disposed caps are turned into the contribution to the environment and the international medical aid.