QMS (Quality Management System)

Acquired ISO/IEC 9001 certification

ARGO GRAPHICS is ISO9001 compliant company, guaranteeing the service quality and acting to enhance the quality to the next level through our daily activities.

Quality Policy

As the trusted Technical Solution Provider, ARGO GRAPHICS acts objectively, realizing our customers' innovation through our passion and professional technical skill and contributes to our customers' growth and prosperity.

  • ■All the company members take the top priority on our customer satisfaction.
  • ■All the company members always consider their role and take their responsibility.
  • ■All the company divisions set their service quality target and aim at realizing them.
  • ■Products and services are provided to the customer following their requirements and social rules.
  • ■Quality policy and Quality Management Systems are continuously maintained.

This is a replica of our ISO9001 certificate.【JPN】

Certification ISO 9001:2008 = JIS Q 9001:2008
Registration Number 02233-2009-AQ-KOB-JAB
Applied Location Tokyo head office, Training Center (Tokyo), Central Japan Division, West Japan Division, Utsunomiya Office